Read more on sustainability through performance

Read more on sustainability through performance

Why Fairy helps you achieve sparklingly clean dishes AND be kind to the planet

Saving energy


Fairy is concentrated, meaning it packs more power in every drop and every capsule so you can use less energy and water. Our outstanding grease-cleaning power allows you to wash dishes at lower temperatures. For example, just by lowering the water temperature from 50°C to 30°C, you can save energy while cutting your carbon footprint significantly. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining the performance and value you’ve come to expect from Fairy. To us, it’s not just a challenge but a social and environmental responsibility.

Reducing waste


Fairy is one of the most concentrated dish liquids in the world and it lasts up to 2x longer than the best-selling brands. This means that when you use Fairy, you help to reduce plastic waste. And fewer bottles means less plastic.

In 2018, Fairy entered a partnership with TerraCycle to begin production of a Fairy Beach Plastic bottle, made from recycled plastic collected at beaches, oceans and shores. This initiative raises awareness about beach plastic and what can be done to prevent plastic from reaching the ocean. The launch included 320,000 bottles, which is one of the largest production runs of recyclable dish soap bottles made using beach plastic.

Globally, Fairy is part of a movement to divert 8,000 tonnes of plastic from landfill every year for use in transparent bottles. Fairy plastic bottles, up to 650ml, are made with 50% percent recycled materials and our transparent bottles are fully recyclable.

Fairy believes it’s important to preserve the health of our oceans and is working to stop the spread of plastic into them. Our programme raises awareness of recycling, while inspiring people to get involved, through responsible choices and even. Some even participate in beach clean-ups.

Conserving water


It’s critical to the future of our planet to be responsible with water – it’s a precious resource we all depend on. That’s why we’re proud of the fact that Fairy dishwasher capsules are so powerful that they provide you tough food cleaning and remove baked-on food in one wash, without needing to pre-rinse! We estimate this  adds up to hundreds of thousands of litres of water potentially saved in the EU every year. 

Fairy is committed to conserving water. As part of our conservation goal, we plan to source five billion liters of water and be even more efficient using it. It’s a key component of our sustainability goals report, titled “Ambition 2030.”


Watch our sustainability video


As one of the largest manufacturers of consumer products in the world, Fairy is committed to making sustainable choices. It’s why we have sustainability at the core of our values. 

Fairy feels a responsibility to the planet, to the environment and to our customers to do our part. We strive to preserve the planet and we are focusing our efforts where we can make the most meaningful impact possible. Click here to watch our sustainability video.

Fairy aims to be one of the most sustainable brands in the category. We’re achieving this by reducing waste and using renewable electricity, all while maintaining the best product performance.


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