The science of dishwashing

You know what it’s like after a roast dinner; there’s a mountain of plates, pots, pans, serving dishes and to top it off, a greasy roasting tray left to clean. But, who says washing up has to be a chore? Thanks to the super-efficient science and unbeatable cleaning power behind new Fairy Platinum, you can get your tough food dishes clean first time, saving you time and hassle!

When Fairy develops a new formula, they have one thing in mind - an unbeatable clean, first time. Even for tough-to-clean food residue, that’s exactly what you get with Fairy Platinum. It is equipped with new grease busting enzymes that seek out grease and dirt for an extra cleaning boost that is proven to deliver unbeatable tough food cleaning, first time.

So, what’s in it?

It’s the super effective triple liquid detergents that boost your dishwashing experience. They are designed to be integrated into the wash cycle faster for more powerful degreasing and are seriously powerful surfactants - or in other words – “grease busters” that get to work as soon as they mix with hot water. These “grease busters” break down stubborn stains and remove them from dishes and roasting trays for an unbeatable first time clean, in one go.
• The Protease enzyme is amazing at removing protein based foods like eggs and milk
• For foods such as tomato-based sauces and vinaigrettes, power bleach technology will do the trick
• Softeners help keep the water in a condition to prevent a film forming over glasses
Combined, you have a super effective balance for sparkling clean dishes, cutlery and even your dishwasher, first time!

For hands that do dishes...
Hands up! Who soaks roasting trays and dishes to remove greasy baked-on stains? We all do it, but how often do you come back and re-soak those stubborn stains or resort to scrubbing away? With Fairy Platinum washing up liquid, all you need is a 10 minute soak and a wipe. Anti-grease power enzymes break grease down into small pieces, which means dirt and stubborn stains are easily removed.