10 tips for successful baking

10 tips for successful baking

Here’s how to make sure your cakes will always rise to the occasion

Following these simple tips can make a huge difference to your baking. Here’s to beautiful brownies, virtuoso Victoria sponges, fabulous fruitcakes…

  1. Read the recipe thoroughly before you start cooking. Then always double check it again. Discovering you were supposed to sift the flour after you’ve already added it isn’t very helpful.
  2. Weigh all your ingredients carefully. You’ve heard people say that baking is more of a science than an art and when it comes to science, accuracy matters.
  3. If you’re cooking a recipe from a different country, bear in mind that measurements aren’t standard across the globe. A ‘cup’ is 236ml in the USA, for example, but 284ml in the UK. That could make a world of difference to your cupcakes.
  4. Eggs and butter should be at room temperature before you start.
  5. Don’t be too enthusiastic beating your sponge. This will overwork the gluten in the flour which can result in a dense sponge.
  6. Use the right sized cake tin. An under filled cake tin will give you a thin, overcooked cake, whereas an over filled one won’t leave your creation space to rise and leave you with the very unpleasant job of clearing up the over spill from your oven.
  7. Your oven might be telling you fibs! Most ovens run hot or cold. An oven thermometer is inexpensive and will help you bake at exactly the right temperature.
  8. Never open the oven door until your cake is at least three quarters cooked. Patience is not just a virtue, it’s a necessity.
  9. To get a crumb-free finish to your iced cake, try putting a thin layer on then refrigerating for an hour (covered) before adding the rest of the icing.
  10. A hot knife will cut through your cake more neatly than a cold one. All you have to do is warm it in boiling water and then dry before slicing.

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