A week’s dinners in 2 hours

A week’s dinners in 2 hours

Spend a little bit of Sunday preparing your Monday-to-Friday dinners - and get a whole week’s worth of evenings free.

Making your weekday dinners ahead of time means home-cooked food without the hassle.  With everything pre-prepared, you can let the microwave take the strain while you relax with a well-earned glass of something lovely.

Short-cuts for savvy cooks

Get the basics right...

Start by making a large batch of a tomato sauce, which gives you a versatile base for a variety of dishes.  Simply chop and fry some onions and celery then season and simmer with tinned tomatoes. 
• Add lamb or beef mince to make a Bolognese sauce
      o Serve with a bag of pre-prepared salad and an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing
      o Or add chillies and kidney beans and serve with rice (see below), a dollop of soured cream and grated cheese
• Add mushrooms, courgettes and aubergines to make ratatouille
      o Serve with a breadcrumb and grated cheese topping, browned under the grill
• Add vegetable or chicken stock and some noodles to make a minestrone
      o Serve with home-made garlic bread (see below)


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While your tomato base is simmering...

• Chop some onions, mix with minced minced beef, herbs and breadcrumbs and form into meatballs which you can oven bake and freeze
      o Serve with quick-cook fresh pasta - and some of that tomato sauce...
• Cook up a batch of rice.  Be aware, cooked rice can harbour bacteria if it’s chilled in the fridge but it’s safe to freeze it.  
      o Serve with that delicious chilli
• Stir-fry some of your cooked rice with spring onion, garlic, ginger and soy sauce before you freeze it
      o  Serve with chicken, fish or tofu stir fried with bean sprouts and greens. 

You can even pre-prepare these ingredients and store them in the fridge ready to throw in the wok
• Mash the garlic into softened butter and stuff it into half-baked baguettes that can be finished-off in the oven later
      o Serve with that minestrone or spaghetti Bolognese
• Mash cooked potato with a little milk and butter (or garlic butter) and freeze it in batches
      o Serve with a slow-cooked casserole


Spare a few minutes for pudding...
• Stewed fruit freezes really well
      o Serve drizzled over ice cream or baked into a crumble

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