Alfresco dining: three great recipes

Alfresco dining: three great recipes

Simple ideas to feed friends and family in the garden when the weather’s good

Don’t spend all day preparing big bowls of casserole that will be heavy to carry to the garden, go for easy foods that can be picked at instead of dishes that will begin to look greasy in the sun.

Seafood skewers
You don’t need to fire up the barbecue, just thread large cubed chunks of fish such as fresh tuna and swordfish onto small metal skewers, with a few good-sized shrimp in between. Brush lightly with a mix of olive oil and a dash of Tabasco or lemon juice, sprinkling over some freshly chopped herbs to taste, then grill on a high heat, turning regularly. Serve either with salad, or just thread chunks of pepper, courgette and baby tomatoes on each skewer before grilling.

Couscous bowl
Again simplicity is key. Couscous can be cooked in minutes by adding stock and leaving it to settle. Sauté sliced shallots, small cuts of colourful peppers and other vegetables to taste. Then add this and pan-fried lamb (rub lamb chop with oil and garlic and cook on each side for four or five minutes) to your bowl of couscous, making sure all the juices run in too. Replace the lamb with grilled cubes of halloumi for vegetarians. Serve with hunks of fresh bread.


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Chicken salad
Use leftover roast chicken or grilled chicken pieces, tossed into a green or rice salad. Serve with sliced beetroot and red onion in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Avoid lettuces that wilt too easily – bowls of rice salads, baked potatoes and pickles will survive the sun longer, but still keep them as shaded as you can. Let guests add their own dressing rather than leaving salad standing in oil too long.

Savvy tip
Have a lazy weekend breakfast outside – serve smoothies whizzed up from yoghurt and fresh fruit to order, and fresh French bread with jams and savoury spreads rather than fussing with cooked breakfast or bowls of soggy cereal.

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