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Savvy Kitchen - SuperSavvyMe explains how understanding your ingredients and products can help you save time, energy and money around the kitchen.

Longer-lasting, greater value. Now that’s Fairyconomy.

A meal for one can easily be as miscalculated as a meal for 30 and buying cheap can often mean buying twice as often. Properly understanding your ingredients and products can help you save time, energy and money around the kitchen. Try a few of these smart ideas to get more value when cooking and cleaning, so you feel like you’re not wasting a penny.

Choose the best products

When choosing products to clean your home and your dishes think quality over price. That bargain cleaning product may be cheaper but you could end up using more, meaning you’ll be buying it again soon. Check out reviews online or ask your friends what they use to make sure you get the best deal in the longer term.

Fairy Lemon Washing Up Liquid
(Reviews 171)

Up to 50% more grease cutting power than the next best-selling brand

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Measure rice properly

Everyone is guilty of not measuring out pasta or rice. More often than not, you end up throwing away half of what you have boiled. Half a cup of rice, which is around 50g, is enough for one person. There are nifty gadgets on the market, such as a spaghetti measurer with an adjustable ring per portion. And less wastage, means your bag of rice or pasta will last longer. So spare your pasta pieces – it’s a neat money saver.

Using a lid

It’s often overlooked but cooking without a lid on your pan loses heat, taking longer to cook the food. Use a lid when boil pasta and notice how much quicker it is. You’ll find yourself making a saving in both time and money in the long run.
Another great way to make a saving in the kitchen is to use Fairy when washing up. Fairy lasts 50% longer than the next best selling brand, saving you money in the long run.

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Use Fairy in the dispenser for my stainless steel saucepans which always look really good, even after 20 years of wear.

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Love Fairy washing up liquid, tried others but Always went back to Fairy, it lasts longer and the bubbles stay until I've finished, using the Lemon at the moment but Citrus Grove is my absolute favourite!☺

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