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How to Stop Sticky Ice Cream Fingers This Summer

From ice cream scoops for muffin sizing to getting more juice from a lemon by cutting it lengthways and how to stop sticky fingers… Here are some of our top food life hacks.

At Supersavvyme we’re always looking for the little tips, shortcuts and inspirations you use every day to make life easier and save us a bit of time – after all getting back even five minutes during the day is a bonus!

Recently one of our favourite bloggers – Emily Leary from A Mummy Too gave us a couple of her top tips and the amazing BritMums community have shared some of their life hacks.

We picked some of our favourites to share with you.

Tips from Emily Leary – A Mummy Too

Want perfectly evenly sized cookies and cakes every time? Measure out your batter with an ice cream scoop. It’s really easy to get equal portions and much tidier than using a spoon

Save time and reduce waste by freezing your leftover stews, soups and sauces in muffins trays, then transferring to a bag once frozen. With individually frozen portions, you’ll only ever defrost what you need, so your meal will be ready more quickly and nothing goes in the bin

Top tips from BritMums Bloggers

I create a list of 21 Summer Meal Ideas. This gives me an instant source of three weeks of inspiration to choose from.

I like to be in the kitchen as little as possible over the summer, so to qualify for the list it needs to be a no-brainer to make and something everyone likes. Yes, pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches qualify.

Then when I go food shopping over the summer, I can just scan the list, decide what I'll make and buy what I need. Whew!

Always make a shopping list and never go shopping hungry!

Get much more juice from a lemon by cutting it lengthways before squeezing. Warming a lemon before cutting makes it softer and easier to handle thus producing more juice. Also inserting a fork into the fleshy part of your cut lemon and squeezing whilst wobbling the fork with aid juice flow. Do all three and you'll get a load more juice from one lemon than the old slicing it across the round ever did.


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Plan your meals in advance, to help save money and get your kids to help choose what they like

I stick pics of Meals (cut out from magazines) on the fridge so we can see what’s for tea!!

If your cookies or other food items are stuck to the baking sheet, use a simple string of dental floss to separate them. Genius!

Egg slicers are not only good for egg. I use it to cut mushrooms, strawberries and others!

Save time on school lunches - batch make sandwiches and freeze them.  This ensures bread doesn't go stale too.

Keep a list on the fridge & freezer doors of everything in there - helps with meal planning & reduces food waste.

Ice cream at the beach with a toddler? Use one of those plastic drink lids (like on a McDonalds cup) and push it up the cone, it collects all the drippy ice cream so no sticky hands!

When fruit is getting old, cut it up and freeze to use for smoothies or cocktails. It is especially handy having frozen lemons as they are great for G&Ts plus they keep your drink cold.

We’d love to hear your top tips – share with us in the comments section below or on Twitter @SuperSavvyMeUK

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