Peppers with rice

Peppers with rice

This is super easy to make and if you leave it to simmer the peppers become meltingly delicious. Great as a main or as a side dish with meat and potatoes.

• Halve four large peppers (different colours will look best, but yellow and red ones contain more vitamin C than green ones) and take the seeds out.

• Cut the peppers into long sticks and add to a heavy-bottomed pan with one finely chopped onion. Lightly sauté these in a splash of oil.

• Take five fresh tomatoes (preferably softer ones that will be easier to peel) and score a slight cross with a shark knife, into the skin at the top and bottom of each one. (You can use a 400g tin chopped tomatoes instead if you need to.)

• Put these into a large bowl and cover with boiling water. Leave them for about 10 minutes.

• After a few minutes, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the pan with the peppers, turn the heat down a little and put the lid on for another five minutes or so.


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• Now carefully remove each tomato from the water and you should be able to peel them easily. Discard the skins and roughly chop the fleshy part of the tomatoes and add these to the peppers.

• Leave to simmer on a low heat on the hob or at about gas mark 4 (180°C or 350°F) for 25 minutes.

• Serve on bastmati rice or with baked potatoes, or as a side dish to steak or chops.


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