Quick recipe twists

Quick recipe twists

How to makeover your family’s meals with just one extra ingredient…

Adding a new ingredient to a mealtime family favourite can really add spice to your culinary repertoire, without taking too much time or effort.

Rice in stews

The winter stew usually has some warming chunks of potato, so you’ve probably never dreamt of piling on the carbs with a bit of extra rice. However, a handful of basmati rice stirred in while the basic ingredients are cooking in a light coating of oil can add a great new texture. Make sure you add enough extra stock or water, though, as the rice will soak up your sauce.

Chicken with pesto

Instead of just roasting your chicken, mix a couple of teaspoonfuls of pesto into the oil before basting.

Sour cream in tomato ragu

Add a goulash twist to the pasta sauce you usually make by stirring in one to two dessertspoonfuls of sour cream or natural yoghurt once the sauce is ready.


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Sautéed onion in mash

Give your winter side dish a comforting heartiness by sautéing sliced onion until it’s meltingly caramelised, then top off each serving of mash with a small heap.

Soy sauce in casseroles

For depth and richness when making a roux to thicken a casserole sauce, add a dessertspoonful of soy sauce to the stock. Remember that soy sauce is salty, so reduce the amount of salty stock cube you add per pint of boiling water.

Lemon oil in fairy cakes

Whether you make cakes with the kids at the weekend or you just like to have a tin of homemade goodies on standby, take half the cake mixture and add a few drops of lemon oil to make a handful of chic fancies for when you have friends over for coffee.

Double cream in cheesecake

Add a silky naughtiness to your cheesecake with a few tablespoons of double cream stirred into the topping. Stir it well and let it set in a fridge, but there’s no need to whisk it up beforehand.

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