Quick super snacks

Quick super snacks

At-a-glance recipes and ideas for healthier nibbles on the go.

When we’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to let convenience become an excuse for our bad habits and we reach for the biscuit tin. To keep those treats for special occasions, here are some speedy snack ideas for healthier everyday refuelling.

Best toasties
The secret is to watch your quantities. Go for a tablespoon of topping then add as many fresh herbs as possible to enhance flavour and reduce the desire for salt. Fresh garlic rubbed on the toast also gives a kick.

  • Toast a slice of bread – try rye, wholemeal, granary or spelt.
  • Best-odds toppings – grilled tomatoes and basil; houmous; baked beans (look for a sugar-free option); cottage cheese and spring onion; goats cheese with tomato or honey; smoked salmon and chives; boiled egg; sardines and Tabasco; half an avocado.

There are some quick fixes that will give you more energy than others, for less or similar calories.

  • Chopped carrot, celery or pepper with two teaspoons cottage cheese or houmous.
  • Two oatcakes with cold-pressed almond butter (high in monounsaturated fat, rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and with other nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron and protein).

Go for ones with a crunch, eg apples or pears, as they provide fibre.


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  • If you choose oranges, make sure to eat some of the pith for fibre.
  • Pineapple and papaya are good for digestion.

Make a batch in advance to last a few days.

  • Have a cup of homemade vegetable, tomato or celery soup. Enjoy with a slice of bread as above.

Savvy tip
Banana and raisins are good snacks but they will raise sugar levels pretty quickly so eat with nuts or seeds to counteract this action.

Pass it on – Super smoothie
This is also good as a breakfast option. Oat milk is sweet to taste but if you feel the need, add a teaspoon of honey.

  • Take one ramekin of oats, two cups of oat or rice milk, one banana, any berries and blend with a teaspoon of almond butter.

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your favorite fruit & fresh raw veg. next some wooden BBq skewers mini cookie cutter shapes a box you cover in cling film tin foil and metalic wrapping paper. secure well to box. put it up side down to hide any tape to secure covering. now prepare your goodies. if very small just place your fruit & veg on squweers poke into box and your treats awaits. try natural yoghurt a spoon of honey 1 drop yellow food colour. yoghurt fine chopped mint 1 drop green coulor. choc spread & mascapone

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