Romantic dinners for two

Enjoy a romantic dinner for two with these easy recipes

Easy ideas to make supper a little more fun.

Whether it's a Valentines dinner, a birthday treat or just a way to brighten any old Wednesday night in, here are three ideas to try.

Classic British Food
Instead of making your usual pie, shape your crust into a heart, or if this is too tricky, simply cut the pie top into a heart shape and decorate with your initials in pastry on top.

Sharing platter
For an easy dinner for two, roll up luxurious slices of Parma ham and present on a large plate you can share – feeding each other. Other treats you could add to your platter include olives, lightly steamed asparagus spears (full of vitamins that help boost your body!) and little balls of mozzarella skewered on cocktail sticks with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

Grilled chicken stir-fry
Carb-heavy meals will leave you sleepy! Chicken is a protein-packed choice to get you feeling ready for anything. Quick-stir fry grilled chicken strips with red pepper, spring onions and oyster mushrooms cut into thin slices for a tasty but fresh meal (use freshly squeezed lemon juice and simmer gently with fresh herbs, chilli and seasoning to taste).


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Savvy tip
If you can't resist oysters in garlic… scientists at an Ohio university have found that drinking a glass of full fat milk can reduce the odour of garlic breath by 50 per cent!

Pass it on – dreamy ice-creamy quick dessert
Freshly made puddings are a real treat but you don't want to spend all day slaving in the kitchen when you could be beautifying yourself. Make a luxurious ice cream by blending 280g frozen strawberries (frozen fruits are available at all main supermarkets) with 115g caster sugar. Then gradually blend in 150g double cream. Serve immediately.
Melt some chocolate and pour this over the top for an extra luxury touch.

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