What did I do wrong?

Now you can make sure your baking is perfect every time with some simple tips on how to salvage four of the most common baking blunders.

It’s always fun gathering the children around for a day of baking in the kitchen, but with so many master chefs in the making to keep entertained, sometimes things may go slightly wrong. Avoid disappointed faces with our top tips for salvaging four of the most common baking blunders.

For a burnt cake:

The first signal of a burnt bun is normally the smell, which is usually followed by the ear aching sound of the smoke alarm. Once you rescue your cake from the oven, before throwing it away, see if you can save it using one of these two tricks:

1.    If your cake isn’t completely burned, using a knife carefully try cutting away the edges and the base of your cake. If this is a success you can then follow this by getting the children to decorate your cake with lots of frosting.

2.    Alternatively, if you don’t want to break or cut up your cake, using a metal strainer you could try to rescue it. If you gently rub the strainer against the burned cake surface you should be able to graze off all the crispy bits, and then go to town with the icing!

For a dry cake:

A dry cake is normally the result of it being baked on a high heat, or it may have just been left out uncovered.

Here are two easy tips to bring back to life a dry cake:

1.     An easy tip is when serving your cake slice it thinly, and then spread a little butter on each slice for moisture.

2.    If you have a little more time with the help of some alcohol or for a more child friendly substitute, some fruit juice (e.g. lemon juice), pierce your cake and drizzle over your whole cake. Next wrap it in a bag and allow it to moisten for 2-3 days. Alternative you can use warm syrup on your cake, which not only adds moisture but also flavour to your cake.


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For a sunken cake:

The sunken cake has to be one of the most common baking blunders, especially if your kitchen is filled with lots of little chefs. This baking mishap is usually the cause of an undercooked cake or if the oven was opened to quickly in the middle of its baking time.

Here are two tips to recover a sunken cake:

1.    Simply using a knife remove the middle section of your cake. Dust it with icing sugar to successfully turn it into a ring cake.

2.    If you have more ingredients handy try turning your sunken cake into a baked Alaska, or maybe a trifle or perhaps even a flan.

For a lumpy cake:

Although a lumpy cake may not look too appealing it may still taste delicious. Here are a few ways to salvage it:

1.    To avoid lumps, bumps and rises in your cake firstly make sure your oven is at the temperature stated in the recipe.

2.    If that fails simply cut off all lumps and bumps and turn your cake over. This way your base becomes the perfect surface to ice and decorate.

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