What food is in season this month

What food is in season this month

Cooking with produce that’s in season doesn’t just offer full flavours and great nutritional benefits – it can save you money, too. Here’s how.

These days, the desire to eat well, enjoy natural flavours and avoid foods that have clocked up too many air miles is inspiring the best chefs to use regional produce, sustainable fish and well-reared meats. You can, too – and remember, eating seasonally is usually cheaper too!

Eat seasonally, save money

It makes sense, really. When fruit and veg is in season there is a much larger supply of it going into supermarkets and the prices per kilogram go down. However, buy something like strawberries in the middle of winter and you’re paying for them to have been grown abroad and flown in from far-flung places.

Get the best from what you buy

When fruit and veg isn’t in season here, you’ll still see it in shops but it’s much more likely to be watery and lack colour or its usual taste because it’s often been farmed more intensively. Buy produce that’s local to you, when it’s in season, and its goodness and quality will be at their best because it hasn’t deteriorated during travel and storage time.

What to eat this month

Mists, mellow fruitfulness and harvest festivals… this month you have the perfect inspiration for cooking with the delicious fresh produce of early autumn.

Fruits Not surprisingly, there’s an overflowing fruit bowl. Go for apples, pears, plums, apricots and even raspberries. But also be a little more adventurous and give figs and damsons a try.
Vegetables Root veg will keep you going in the coming winter months, but for now there’s also still plenty of colour and even a few salad ingredients in season: peppers, pumpkin, aubergine, beetroot, chicory, marrow, courgette, cabbage, cucumber, fennel, French and runner beans and artichoke.
Meat and fish The real highlight of early autumn is shellfish, but this is also a good time for lamb and, if you like richer meats, game. Crab, mussels and oysters are particular September favourites.


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Meal inspiration

From hearty midweek suppers to adventurous light lunches, there’s plenty of great options to try.

• Chunks of pear and crumbled blue cheese on a bed of chicory leaves and slices of lightly caramelized fig makes a delicious seasonal salad.
• Well-prepared mussels are a wonderful quick lunch, cooked in a good dry cider (for autumnal apple flavour), with finely chopped shallots and ginger.
• Courgette, peppers and aubergine, slow-cooked with tomatoes and herbs, form a tasty ratatouille for an easy midweek supper.
• As the weather turns colder, make a warming lamb casserole with apricots and cabbage.
• If you enjoy making preserves, try damson and marrow jam – it’s not too sweet and has a rich smoky flavour that’s just right with toast on winter mornings.

SuperSavvy recipes

If you’re feeling inspired to try something new, we’ve got lots of dishes in our recipe finder. How about some of these yummy seasonal ideas?

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