home energy saving tips

Top 10 little known home energy saving tips

Reduce waste in your home and garden and cut bills with these easy tweaks to your family life. Living greener will not only preserve the Earth, but will save you money too!

1. Match the cooking ring size with your pan

We’ve all seen the news about how gas and electricity costs are soaring nowadays. Don’t waste any by popping a small saucepan onto the hob on top of a large cooking ring. All of that expensive gas or electricity around the sides of your pan still needs to be paid for, but isn’t helping you cook your family’s dinner.

2. Close the fridge door quickly

When you open your fridge, cold air that keeps your food fresh escapes and is replaced by warm air from the room. Your refrigerator then has to work harder to drive the warm air out and bring the temperature back to normal. Boffins calculate that leaving your fridge door open could waste 50 to 120kWh of energy a year. What does that mean? Well, 50kWh of energy could run your dishwasher 20 times. Make sure the children close the fridge straightway next time they grab a juice. You could try putting a notice on the door saying ‘close me’. Why not ask your kids to design it for you to get them involved in energy saving?

3. Keep your freezer almost full…

The less space available in your freezer, the less work your freezer has to do to keep things cold. If you freezer is looking bare, try filling it with ice cubes or bags of ice.

4. But don’t overfill your fridge

Cold air needs to be able to circulate inside your fridge in order for it to be able to work effectively. With this in mind, don’t cram your fridge full to bursting point.

5. Use your fridge to defrost

Try to plan ahead when you know you need to defrost food, and put it in the fridge to do this. This will help keep your fridge cool without using extra energy to have to do it.

6. Unplug appliances

How many electrical items do you reckon you have plugged in in your home right now? Chances are it’s a load more than you first think. Even though they’re turned off, each of these items is still draining power. It’s known as phantom power and it’s a small amount per appliance. But combine together all those TV’s, computers, mobiles, kitchen gadgets, lamps, etc and the power consumption adds up. Obviously you can’t unplug things like your fridge, but get your family into the habit of unplugging before they go to bed or when you go off on holidays and start saving yourself cash.


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7. Wash and rinse dishes in a bowl

Washing and rinsing dishes under a running tap wastes water as well as energy. Use a bowl to wash and a bowl to rinse. The best way (if you only have a single sink, like most families) is to wash everything first in the bowl and stack it on the drainer. Then fill the bowl with clean water and rinse everything. Find out how other mums rate Fairy Liquid for washing your dishes. And check out more tips for handwashing dishes

8. Raise the blades on your lawnmower

Longer lawns need less water. Fact. Leave your lawn slightly longer and you’ll save energy and cash

9. Water around plants, not over them

Get the water to the roots of your plant by directing the water at the earth around the plant, rather than over the leaves. Water on the leaves could end up being evaporated before it gets to where it is needed.

10. Use mulch

Mulch is the expert gardener’s secret weapon. It keep moisture in the soil for longer, which means you have to water less often. And it can also keep weeds down too. A win, win. Get mulching your flower beds today.

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What’s your energy saving tip?

What super savvy tweaks have you tried out to save money on utility bills? Please share them below.

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I see an illustration of a low energy light bulb. I decided to buy ten. They were said by various sources that they last 1000's of hours. OK it makes sense, I thought, but my experience is that they seem to last a much shorter time than the old incandescent type. Is it just me ?

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Wow the mug cake is fab. I love surprising my guests with this when I serve them a pot of tea. Hot fresh cake in a cup. It says eight squares but I use just four squares to save a few pennies I also put a little less sugar in. My guests are amazed how quick it takes to make them. My kids totally love mug cake too,great for breakfast and because there is one egg in each one they are ideal to keep them going till lunch time.

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i am looking forward to trying some of the recipes and saving money with the money off coupons i am new to this site

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