Mrs Moneypenny

10 top energy and money saving tips from Mrs Moneypenny

Small everyday changes could make a big difference to the environment and your pocket.

Over the years Procter & Gamble has teamed up with many environmentally friendly organisations – like Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch and Water Wise – to help make everyday activities more sustainable. We’ve now also joined forces with Mrs Moneypenny from Channel 4’s SuperScrimpers. Here, the well-known entrepreneur, journalist and mother of three shares her smartest tips on how to use less water and energy – and save a bit of money too:

Turn it off
By turning off appliances when you’re not using them, you could save between £50 and £90 a year.

Turn it down
If you turn down your thermostat a notch or two, you could save approximately £65 a year on heating bills and 260kg of carbon dioxide.

30ºC rule
Set your washing machine to wash at 30ºC and you could save about £13 a year on energy bills and 43kg of carbon dioxide.

Time for a cuppa?
Don’t fill your kettle right up every time, but just boil the amount of water you need. This could save you up to £8 in energy bills a year.

Head outside
Try to dry your clothes outside on a line in the warmer months instead of using the tumble dryer. This could save you about £20 a year on energy bills and 65kg of carbon dioxide.

Lights on
By replacing standard light bulbs and halogen spots in your home with energy saving alternatives, you could save around £60 a year on your bills and 190kg of carbon dioxide.

Wash up wisely
If you use a sink of water to wash up twice a day instead of having the hot tap running, you could save up to £35 a year on your gas bill and £30 on your water bill (if you have a water meter).


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To load or not to load
Your washing machine uses more water and energy for two half loads than for a single full load. So to save on your water and energy bills, it’s better to wait until you have enough laundry for a full load.

Ditch the pre-wash
With today’s modern washing products you shouldn’t need this function. Try not using the pre-wash and see how much you save on your water and energy bills.

Take an eco shower
By installing an eco showerhead you could save up to £90 on water bills and £60 on water heating every year.

The cleanest way to save
Thanks to the great cleaning power of Ariel, Flash and Fairy you could save up to 30% energy – which adds up to £20 every year:

- Switch from 40ºC to 30ºC when washing your clothes with Ariel

- Use 50ºC or 55ºC eco cycles instead of Intensive when using Fairy dishwasher tablets

- Swap 40ºC water with 20ºC water for Flash floor cleaner

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When shopping, only replace what you have used, most foods can be frozen so dont buy more if you have enough to freeze. Doing this keeps down the cost of your shopping and most of all food waste,

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fresh vegetables are much healthier cooked in a microwave as they provide you with more vitamins

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Just heat mug of water in microwave.

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I boil a full kettle early in the monring on my economy seven (cheap electric) and fill a flask - then I have hot water all day for drinks without having to boil the kettle again on expensive electric.

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