Save Water at home with these 5 Tips

How to save energy everyday at home? Check these five ideas to change to greener habits.

In the bathroom

  • Rinse your mouth while brushing teeth with a glass of water instead of running a tap continuously.
  • Use half flush for liquid waste.
  • Keep showers short, every minute less saves between 10 and 20 litres of water.

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In the kitchen

  • Wash dishes or vegetables in a sink filled with water instead of running a tap.
  • Only use your washing machine with full loads.

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I suggest putting a plastic basin in your sink for washing dishes. It uses a lot less water. Also these days we are not supposed to rinse off toothpaste so you only need to wet the toothbrush at the start and rinse it at the end of the session.

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Do not overfill a pan when boiling eggs, vegetables, potatoes etc. And you can use that water for watering the garden in dry weather.

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Now we are told to brush teeth using a tiny smear of toothpaste and not rinse it off. That would save water and money.

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go online to unitied utilities. theyre giving away free, water/money saving gadgets o use in the home

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