Energy saving tips for every room of your home

Energy saving tips for every room of your home

Make little changes and be amazed how much money they save you

By simply switching off instead of leaving appliances on standby you could save as much as £35 a year on your bills. Just think what these other green home habits could do…

• When cooking veg, cut food up into smaller pieces, use a smaller pan with only the water you need in it, and cover with a lid when bringing the water to the boil. These all help reduce cooking time.

• Cook twice what you need and freeze half for another meal. Reheating takes a lot less energy than preparing a whole meal again.

• Reheat food in a microwave rather than in the oven.

• Get used to only boiling a mug’s worth of water in the kettle when making coffee for one.

• Don’t position your fridge or freezer in sunlight or near a heat source. Also make sure the back of your fridge freezer is accessible to air flow to avoid overworking the cooling system.

• Keep washing machines and tumble dryer filters fluff free to ensure optimum performance. Run full loads rather than half-loads (which use more than half the energy), and wash on lower temperatures when you can.

• If your children need a night light, choose as low a bulb wattage as possible.

• Invest in warmer tog duvets rather than leaving heaters on all night.

• Wash your hair earlier than you usually do so it can start drying naturally. This will save on hairdryer time.

• Make sure teenagers with gadgets in their rooms remember to switch these off at night.


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• Turn off radiators in rooms that aren’t always in use.

• Don’t leave your TV, games consoles etc on standby. If you have a digital recorder that needs to be kept on, run it off a separate main plug.

• TVs with smaller screens on the whole use less energy than larger ones and turning down the brightness will also reduce energy use. 

• Check your water isn’t being over-heated. 60°C is hot enough.

• Mend dripping taps.

• Use low-flow showerheads if you want to save water on having a shower rather than bathing.

Savvy tip
Don’t charge your gadgets overnight. They only need an hour or so and overnight the electricity will be running for hours longer than necessary.

Pass it on – Save energy over dinner
• Only cook what you need.

• Serve food straight onto plates not from serving dishes, to reduce washing.

• The room will warm up as you dine so don’t overheat it.

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if you are bothered about losing vitamins by cutting veg into smaller pieces use the water left over for making gravy then the vitamins will still be used

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Using a 3 tiered steamer for veg is very economically cost effective on electricity usage. Cut up veg small to medium size and they are done quicker.Also, keeps more of the natural nutrients - minerals and vitamins in the veg itself this way, and too they taste much better than boiling them anyway. BINGO!

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I often find the energy monitors work great as you can determine which of your electrical devices are consuming the most power. This way you can make plans to reduce them. i.e not boiling the kettle as much or putting your wifi in sleep mode when its not in use after 10 minutes. It all helps.

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Using a pressure cooker saves power and vitamins especially great for home made soups.

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Thanks for that extra info. Do you know if it's better to turn radiators down in summer or turn thermostat down?

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