Four ways to save in the kitchen

Four ways to save in the kitchen

4 top tips to make your kitchen more energy efficient

Fairy knows all about how to make a little go a long way; our Fairy Original washing up liquid lasts up to 2X longer than the next best-selling brand. That’s “Fairyconomy” - and a great kitchen tip right off the bat!

After food, one of our biggest costs in the kitchen comes from electrical appliances. Here’s 4 of our smartest energy saving tips to help you save money while you use them and also increase their lifespan. A win-win situation!

So, let’s get started!

1. Dishwasher

Do you rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?  Actually, this can waste litres of water!

Instead, try scraping plates of leftover food in to the bin and use a powerful grease busting dishwasher tablet. Fairy Platinum tablets not only clean dishes 1st time but will also give you a sparkling dishwasher at the same time.

No matter how many dishes are in your machine, it will use the same amount of water, so to get the best value, always make sure that it’s full but not overloaded.

2. Microwave oven

Believe it or not, the biggest savings often come from the smallest items in your kitchen. Did you know your microwave is one of the most energy efficient?


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Unlike a gas or electric oven, your microwave only heats up food and not the entire space, so when you’re heating small dishes, always opt for the microwave rather than an energy guzzling hob.

3. Fridge and Freezer

Next to the gas / electric hob and the tumble drier, the fridge and freezer are the most expensive appliances to run!

Did you know?:

  • You can make energy savings simply by ensuring you keep them at least ¾ full so they aren’t working harder to cool ‘thin air’
  • Bottles of water placed on shelves will help keep energy usage down as they remain chilled in the fridge keeping it cool
  • By defrosting food in the fridge you will aid the cooling process but putting warm food in there makes it work harder. So, wait until it’s completely cold before storing it in the fridge

4. Kettles

Only boil as much water as you need and keep your kettle descaled. These may seem like small things but they add up and will help you save, save, save over the year.

As some food for thought, energy is typically cheaper between 7pm – 7am so using your appliances during this time will help to save you money too*.

*Check with your provider

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Good useful tips. I had never thought about leaving a bottle of water on th fridge shelf to save money and keep the temp down. Thanks

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Nice thanx for this

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