How does Febreze work?

While other air fresheners just mask, Febreze products really do eliminate odours and leave nothing but fresh air. And that means also not leaving our packages behind – for more information about recycling, click here (link back to safety landing page). But what’s our trick?

The uninvited smell

Your old chemistry teacher would be pleased you could remember molecules. Some of these little fellows can smell very bad and that’s why we call them malodour molecules. And, like uninvited guests, these malodours can linger around your home – on your couch, in your kitchen, on your bed and of course in the air. They jump from place to place and can be really hard to eliminate. We call this odour molecule rotation Odour Cycle. Click here to know more.

The OdourClear technology

The new OdourClear technology of Febreze seeks out odours in the air and eliminates them. So there is no hiding place for stinky molecules. Its proprietary formulas can include one or some of four odour-eliminating technologies, that work both together and independently like every great team should. The formulas are designed for different purposes, environments and time of action.

Some of these chemicals have scary names, but are actually made of substances that can be found in very common places. From corn starch for example – as is the case of cyclodextrin; starch is one of the most abundant sugars in nature. Citric acid is another good example – it can be found in lemons and other fruits.

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The fabulous four

Let’s introduce you to our famed four superheroes. Each and every one has a special skill to kill odours.

1. The odour trapper

Here it is – the “catcher” of odours, Cyclodextrin. In nature it’s made by some bacteria from corn starch. It mercilessly pulls odours into its centre and locks them up for good. The odour molecule is then permanently put out of circulation. These guys can be found in Febreze Air Effects.

2. The odour converter

These molecules easily bind to a broad range of bad odour molecules. Once they are connected, they become a new molecule, which doesn’t smell bad anymore. Bad smell is converted to no smell. They are especially efficient for long-term use and can be found in Febreze Plugs for example.

3. The odour neutralizer

The weapon of citric acids, found naturally in fruits such as lemons, is neutralisation. They do so by balancing the pH value of odours to the pH of water (that’s a neutral 7, just in case you were wondering). The perfect demonstration of how they work is in every bottle of Febreze Air Effects.

4. The odour magnet

You can find these magic magnets in Febreze Fabric Refresher. They are polymers specifically designed to eliminate odours in fabrics. Also known under the code-name “PSB”, these polymers are irresistibly attractive to bad odours, and can extract up to 300 quintillion odours (yes, that is a number) from all of your hard-to-wash fabrics with just one bottle. Their mission is to dig deep and work using the classic trap-and-lock trick.

So there you have it: our fabulous four, always at your side with their microscopic tricks, proven to clean away odours better than ever before. And, thanks to OdourClear technology, you can do whatever you want to do: fry a mound of bacon, cook a fish curry, allow your dog on the sofa or even leave your wellie boots indoors. Why not put our superheroes to the test so you and your guests can breathe happy?