The odour cycle – not as clean as you think

Most of us take pride in the cleanliness of our homes. Everything shipshape and Bristol fashion. You could eat your food off the floor, as they say. But looks can be deceptive. Your home isn’t truly clean until the air is also clean and fresh.

An astonishing little known fact is that air can make up to 75% of your home. Inside this huge space, at any given time, at least 500 trillion pesky bad odour molecules can call your house their home.

Every time you prepare something like onion rings, French fries, grilled fish or when your pet lounges on your sofa, bad odours are released. These odours are absorbed and entrapped into fabrics and released into the air. And they can hang out in your home for years, without your permission.

Cleaning and waiting it out is not always a viable solution, because when you or a guest sit down on the sofa for example, the odour molecules are re-released into the air and are back into stinky action. That´s what we call the Odour Cycle. A never-ending battle with odours settling and then circulating through your room again, then settling once more ad infinitum.

We hope that was enlightening and has made you re-evaluate the air in your home. Febreze has been working hard to tackle the Odour Cycle, that’s why we created the Odour Clear Technology. Febreze now truly eliminates even the toughest odours, giving you the peace of mind that your home will be as clean and fresh as it looks, so you and your guests can always breathe happy.

Just to give an idea of the Odour Clear’s power, one 300ml bottle of Febreze can eliminate up to 300 thousand billion bad odour molecules. That’s the number 3 followed by 14 zeros. Click here to know exactly how does Febreze works (link article 5 how it works).

And of course, we care not only about your own home, but also the home we all share: our planet. To make this happen, we partnered up with TerraCycle, our best friend when the subject is recycling and respect for the earth.