Which Febreze products can be recycled?

Febreze has a huge range of products with wildly varying packaging. If you are new to this, it can be a tad confusing to know which type of products go to TerraCycle and what can go your usual recycling bin to be collected kerbside by your council.

But to answer your questions we have some simple solutions: The Air and Home Care Recycling Programme of TerraCycle is responsible for all products, which consist of a mix of different materials that are not covered by nationwide recycling programmes. To learn more about our TerraCycle partnership, click here.

Please have a look at our infographic. If you’re wondering how to participate, click here.

Febreze Aerosols: send the aerosol bottle to Terracycle to be recycled.

Febreze Fabric Refresher: TerraCycle takes care of the trigger heads. The rest (the HDPE plastic bottles) are recycled nationwide by kerbside recycling systems.

Febreze Plug-In: plug and wicks, the plastic cap and flexible film can all be sent to TerraCycle.

The glass bottle is widely recycled by kerbside recycling systems – check with your council and if they can’t recycle the glass then you can send to TerraCycle as well.

Febreze Car Freshener: just the plastic air freshener device and flexible film part of the packaging should go to TerraCycle. The cardboard element of the packaging can go in your kerbside recycling.

Small Spaces: TerraCycle accepts the plastic air freshener device refill and flexible film part ofthe packaging. The cardboard element of the packaging can go in your kerbside recycling.