Autumn home

5 cosy autumn interior design ideas for under £10

Update your living room with these easy home décor ideas to create a welcoming nest for winter nights in.

Mellow the lights
PROJECT TIME: Five minutes
For a simple home décor idea make a small change to your lighting – a coloured light bulb or new lampshade instantly changes a ceiling light’s impact. Go for a soft-hued paper lantern (from about £4) or try something like an earthy-looking chocolate brown lightshade.

Create nooks and corners
PROJECT TIME: Half an hour
Position an armchair away from the centre of the living room and place a small table next to it to create a reading corner, add cushions of one colour to match a sofa so this subtly becomes its own space, or use floor cushions and a wicker box of toys to create a kids’ zone in another corner.

Add a natural touch
PROJECT TIME: 30 minutes
OK, that doesn’t include cooking time (two hours at 100°C), but these are super simple. Slice a few oranges, dab them dry of juice then bake on a baking tray, turning once. When cooled, thread the dried orange slices with a pretty ribbon and hang from a fireplace or in windows. To enhance the outside-inside feel, light a Febreze candle. Aromatic and long lasting, they’re great for creating cosy ambience in the home. Choose one of the gorgeous scents for a seasonal sensation – Soothing Sandalwood, Apple Spice or a limited edition aroma.

Go retro
For a great home decorating idea go to a junk shop or dig out old children’s storybooks and find beautiful nostalgic illustrations or cartoons. Frame these and arrange three or more on a wall for a vintage look.

Make a quilt
PROJECT TIME: More than a day
Great for recycling beloved old dresses, this takes a while but it’s a relaxing project and it doesn’t have to be as big as a bed quilt. After the initial work cutting up fabric squares and planning your pattern, you can leave it draped over an armchair or sofa in your lounge to create a cosy cottage look even before it’s finished.

For more inspiration, check out Low cost ways to improve your home.


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I made a quilt throw to match my room in autumnal colours. I get lots of complements on it and it is great when the nights get chilly.

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I am definatly going to do the quilt idea. Many years agoi did half make a quilt in the old fashion way of all hand sewing tiny hexagons with the paper templates etc this took me many many hours to get to half of a double quilt size and i was doing it to become a family heirloom But tragdy struck and we had a house fire and alas all my work went up in flames. Anyway seeing this today hasmade me want to start again ...only this time i shall do it on a machine lol xx

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Ive been buying the magazine sweets to make and completely hooked been buying all the fondant icing cutters ect cant wait to try dec a cake and make fondant roses x

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love the quit idea, I've started crocheting squares from old jumpers and cardigans, I'm hoping to make a throw over for my sofa.

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