Autumn garden tips and ideas

Autumn garden tips and ideas

Enjoy your garden all year round by adding colour with plants even when the summer is over.

You might not want to sit outside as the days get colder and darker, but it’s lovely to be able to look out and still enjoy the garden from indoors, so try these four fab garden ideas.

1. Create autumn colour
Bushes with berries can fill the garden with vibrant reds and oranges at this time of year. Great shrubs to plant include crab apple, cotoneaster and firethorn.
Along with berries and small flowers, some bushes provide colour simply because their leaves turn gorgeous new shades. Why not try witch hazel, which turns golden in autumn and even flowers in winter? Or for reds, yellows or oranges, the Japanese maple looks great (but make sure it’s planted somewhere sheltered from the wind). Winter honeysuckle is a great garden plant which will give a wonderful scent and pretty flowers into the otherwise bare months of the year, extending the season even later.

2 . Pack up for winter
Put away stray garden toys and furniture to avoid weather damage. Make sure garden plants and bushes are well secured so they don’t blow over or pull down fences in wind and storms. If you have children eager to help with gardening, show them how to make a winter haven for hedgehogs: rake together a heap of leaves into a corner, or pile together a few old bricks and a strong piece of board positioned against a wall to create a shelter for spiky garden guests. For tips, check out the RSPCA website.

3. Get ready for spring
A gardening tip for this time of year is to remove dead stems from plants and plant now for colour once winter is over – evergreens and wallflowers can be planted in early autumn, and in late autumn plant shrubs and roses.

4. Invite birds into your garden
Seeing birds enjoying your garden will give you pleasure through the winter, plus you’ll be doing your bit for nature. Check out our tips on Keeping a bird-friendly garden.


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Tip keep bird food to just enough dont put loads out as one it get damp and any seeds go mouldy but more than anything last year we had a rat on the bird feeder. They watch where the birds are feeding

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Great tips I'm on the garden tomorrow and the birds are great I'm throwing bread rice crispies and doughnuts out for a little robin that comes daily its lovley

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Simple, plant bulbs at differing levels to get a really thick clump later in the year. Mix early flowering varieties with late so that dead space it utilised more and for real impact shove a perennial on top and you'll almost never had a bare patch of earth anywhere. I have a log pile rotting in the back of the garden too so loads of bugs and creepiest. The good ones are great to encourage and the other wildlife eats the bad ones. Better than a chemical pesticide.

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I always leave the seed heads on plants and put woody prunings in a pile at back of garden for overwintering bugs etc...

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Lovewatching the birds in the garden. I have a very bird friendly garden good tips there! Yes thinking about it I could do with getting a few evergreens colourful shrubs around!

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