Autumn houseplant colour

Autumn houseplant colour

Bring the garden inside as the weather turns colder.

Chrysanthemum (Late singles)
Late singles flower in November and like to be kept cool and fed weekly. It’s worth following care instructions to the letter as when they do bloom they offer magnificent fiery colours and luxuriously full flower heads.

Peperomia caperata (‘Luna red’)
Otherwise known as the radiator plant, its richly coloured leaves are also wonderfully textured with deep veins. Ideal indoors or in a warm conservatory, it doesn’t need pruning or protection from pests and enjoys moist conditions without too much watering.

Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy)
This wonderfully named little plant provides cute fistfuls of colourful flowers all year round and it likes to be kept moist rather than wet. It likes natural light but not direct sunlight which makes it a good autumn choice – though mind you keep it away from draughts!

Pineapples are bromeliads but it’s a wide-ranging species that also includes lots of vibrantly coloured flowering plants suitable for the home. They are fairly easy to grow, especially in warm, humid conditions (their tough leaves do manage to survive most British homes) and even when they are not blooming the different varieties can provide a beautiful array of coloured foliage. Try the ‘Scarlet star’.


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Firecracker flower
Although the flowers (enjoyed from spring right through to autumn) are usually orange there are varieties that bloom in reds, yellows and pinks too. It loves warm temperatures and humidity so you could even try keeping it on a shelf in your bathroom…

Savvy tip
Once the central heating goes on, your plants will dry up more quickly (especially in smaller pots) so make sure you keep them moist, and beware that even grey autumn skies can be bright so place plants carefully depending on their light or shade needs.

Pass it on – tropical plant caution
Tropical plants add great visual impact but many exotic house plants have flowers and leaves that are toxic or cause skin irritation so they should be kept away from pets and small children.

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