Beautiful garden lighting

Beautiful garden lighting

Ideas for your garden to create a stunning effect on summer evenings and winter nights.

Whether you want to use your garden on warmer nights or just enjoy the view from your windows as it gets dark, the right garden lighting can have a fabulous impact.

Solar ideas
Solar lighting saves you the hassle and cost of using insulated electrical wiring running all the way from the house. From exterior wall lights and gateway lanterns to security fixtures, solar options come in a wide range of styles. Try solar fairy lights to hang over bushes and along fences for all-year sparkle, solar path lights set twinkling in stone ornaments, or colourful solar Chinese lanterns for parties.

Wall lights
Contemporary exterior lights look far from dull and functional! Go for vintage lamp styles or something sleek echoing indoor lounge lighting. Position lights high enough so they don’t get in anyone’s way and can’t easily be tampered with. Choose a model which can be used as a regular light but which also has a timer option and a PIR motion sensor so it can be set as a security light near a door, gate or driveway, too.

Savvy tip
If you are using a garden floodlight for sitting outside in the evenings make sure it is adjusted it so the light isn’t shining directly into a neighbour’s home. Avoid using high watt bulbs, too – you’re not illuminating an airport runway!

Pass it on – safe garden lighting


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  • Make sure the person fitting the lights is qualified to do so.
  • When using lighting in the garden make sure it is suitable for outdoor use (even when it’s not raining, dew, sprinklers and other sources of damp and water can cause nasty accidents).
  • Make sure wiring is secured away from anywhere it might be pulled down or tripped over.
  • Always read the instructions carefully and follow all safety advice.

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We've decorated the top of our pergola with white solar lights. Not only do they look pretty, we're able to use it to sit under later in the evening.

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they look great i would love to have some

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Solar lights in the garden are very effective and you don't have to spend a lot of money for it to look nice without being tacky. I go in the pound shop for mine and because of the way I set them out it looks really nice.

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