Bright garden décor ideas

Six ways to brighten up your garden in time for summer

Making these simple changes to your outdoor space will bring in the sunshine, no matter what the weather!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscape gardening or do weeks of backbreaking soil shifting to create a lovely new view from your windows.

With these five additions, you’ll feel like the sun shines on your garden, even if we have a typically non-existent British summer…

Wood looks good

Instead of metal, choose a wooden-framed greenhouse and you will notice immediately how elegant it looks in your garden. They are not cheap (usually £1,000+) but they look amazing.

A cheaper version would be to get a cute wooden summerhouse, and you could paint it in a colour of your choice. A sunny yellow, cream or vibrant blue looks great.

Wonderful wall art

Don’t forget that the back of the house and any boring shed or border walls could always do with livening up. There are lovely sundials, mirrors and clocks especially designed for outdoor use that will create a lovely focal point on an otherwise underused space.

Try this: The Worm That Turned sells some lovely wall art, including a great selection of stone-framed gothic-style mirrors.

Quirky bird feeders

From mini houses to teacups to cast iron beauties, bird feeders come in all sorts of delightful shapes and sizes these days. Pick one that reflects the theme of your garden and place it within view of the house so you can watch the birds enjoy it.

For more tips, see our article on How to create a bird-friendly garden.

Try this: has a variety of unique bird feeders worth checking out.


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Feature a fountain

A water feature will add instant tranquillity to your green patch. You can enjoy peace of mind, too, if you opt for a solar water feature, which are eco-friendly, plus they save the hassle of getting outdoor electrical cabling professionally laid. Cheaper than you might think at around the £100 mark, you can choose from wishing wells and Romanesque fountains to simple birdbaths and planters.

Try this: a good place for ideas is

Chime in

Try adding to the atmosphere with a natural wind chime made from wood or even shells. These will add a magical tone to the garden sounds when there’s a gentle breeze.

Try this: The Wind Chime Shop has a huge variety of chimes to choose from.

Add a pop with paint

Give weather-beaten wooden garden furniture a new lease of life. Sand it down gently, clear off dust with a damp cloth, then paint with a primer coat. When dry, apply a top coat (both paints must be suitable for exterior use). Brush in the direction of the wood grain for a smoother finish.

Co-ordinate the colour with your summer house, or go for something like an olive green or teal.

Want more tips? For ideas on how to brighten your garden at night with lighting, click here, and to brighten it by day with vibrant flowers, click here.

What’s the favourite part of your garden? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Ohhhhh wow these are fantastic myself and grandchildren would love these x

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Keep the great tips coming. I'm loving all these

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I have an acyrlic /hard plastic feel garden table that needs some tarting up for this summer. It has some splodges of paint that wont come off so looking for ideas to rejuvenate?

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