Create your own boutique bathroom

Create your own boutique bathroom

A bathroom can be much more than somewhere to wash – with a few classy touches.

Transform one of your family’s busiest rooms into a gorgeous space to retreat for valuable me-time.

Five steps to bathroom heaven

1. Get into the habit of clearing away bath toys every evening. Mesh nets make handy storage bags. Alternatively, if you have room, consider using a second laundry bin as an easy dump space.

2. Don’t just settle for tea lights around the bathtub – install a couple of elegant candelabras in the bathroom. These look beautiful displayed on a high shelf or windowsill away from curtains.
Remember to use candles safely.

3. Avoid half empty plastic bottles cluttering up the shelves. Group similar sized containers together, or store lotions and shampoos in clear plastic containers (Muji has a great selection) to show off their creamy colours. Get a shower rack that can be attached to tiles or glass with suctions so you can move them around when you fancy. 

4. Move favourite ornaments or pictures into the bathroom. There’s no rule that says they have to be displayed in your lounge. Houseplants can thrive in the steamy bathroom environment too.


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5. Clear the area around the loo. Position a small shelf or magazine rack nearby to keep any reading matter in check, and use a wicker basket as storage for spare loo rolls instead of leaving large plastic bags laying around.

Savvy tip
Keep it clean. Make sure mirrors are sparkling and tiles gleaming and avoid leaving heaps of towels everywhere. Keep a stash of all-purpose cleaning wipes nearby, for days when you don’t have time for a full-on cleaning session.

Pass it on – get the light right
For safety reasons bathroom fixtures should be sealed, so make sure you’re looking at bathroom-specific lighting. Get a row of spotlights for the wall or ceiling, for a warm but modern effect.

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