Create your own kitchen garden

Container gardening, or gardening ‘inside the box’, can be a simpler way to add vegetation to your deck, porch, balcony or window rather than spending the whole summer on backyard landscaping. Pick from plants that will add flair to your home décor, provide delicious scents, or be useful in the kitchen.

Potting a Plant
Try moistening the soil before you remove a plant from its container. Always tip the container upside down and let the root ball slide out. Never pull a plant from the soil, as roots can easily be torn or damaged in the process.

Indoor Plants with Real Get-Up-and-Go

The biggest benefit to container gardening is that your plants are truly portable. When your plants are looking their very best, you can place them where they'll attract the most attention, such as on a coffee table. You can also easily move them to a window or outside when they need more sun. If your potted plants are normally outside, you can bring them inside to protect them from harsh weather.

Fragrant Garden Ideas
The most difficult part of container gardening may be choosing the plants with which you'd like to work. To begin, consider what you hope to get from your gardening experience. Perhaps you'd like to create a more visually stimulating environment on your balcony or along your windows. Petunias, geraniums, and various types of ivy can add flair to any indoor or outdoor décor. If you prefer a deliciously scented garden, jasmine, lavender, and roses may be the perfect fragrant potted plants for you. Aspiring cooks can pick and choose from a long list of edible plants—everything from easily grown herbs such as rosemary, dill, chives, and mint to hearty vegetables such as carrots, celery, and potatoes. The only limit to possible garden design ideas is your imagination.

From Boxes to Barrels

Containers have come a long way from the simple terra-cotta most of us associate with potted plants. Recycled barrels have a naturally attractive appearance, whereas heavy concrete pots add a more classic touch. If you prefer a more lightweight and portable container, plastic may be a better idea.

Beyond appearance and portability, the most important factor in choosing a container is depth. While some garden plants need just a few inches of soil to grow properly, plants such as sweet potatoes require at least 12 inches of soil. You'll also want to make sure that any container you choose has sufficient drainage, because over-watering poses a great risk to any plant. An employee at your local nursery should be able to help you locate the best containers and plant pots.


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It Takes a Tender Touch
Every plant, whether it grows in your garden or in a window box, requires a fair amount of care. Of course, plants grown in a container are particularly dependent on you for proper light, water, and nutrients.

Many plants come with directions, whether you're potting seeds or bulbs. It's best to follow the manufacturer's directions on soil, fertilizer, sunlight, and watering, because needs can vary greatly from plant to plant. If you are attempting to care for a plant without the manufacturer's directions, your local nursery or greenhouse may be the best source for gardening advice and answers.

You may also want to make sure that you will be comfortable with the amount of care your plants may need. Some plants may require multiple watering each day (especially in hot weather), whereas others demand little attention on a day-to-day basis. One fairly recent innovation in container gardening is the self-watering window box. It may be the perfect solution for the busy gardener with high-maintenance plants!

The Garden that Keeps on Giving
Any time you plant seeds and watch  them grow, you enjoy the feeling of a job well done. Container gardening offers even more, because you don't have to give up your passion for gardening just because the weather begins to cool. So get started now, and you can enjoy growing your favourites all year round.

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This is great advice, I have a second floor flat but love gardening and this has given me some great ideas. I thought I was so limited xx

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Have started a couple of window boxes with various herb seeds a few weeks ago,defo a pleasure when they sprout and you get the feeling of accomplishment,ive got Tomato plants,went a bit ott way them and had to give several away,have Basil,Coriander,Red & Green Lettuce and some Chillis.really cant wait to start using them,quite a beginner at this and would apreciate any ideas or tips.Thanks

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Planted some Basil seeds today for my window sill and now shall be anxiously awaiting the first signs of sprouting shoots in the coming weeks ! Can't wait :)

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