Eco garden tips

Eco garden tips

These really easy tips can help you be more ecologically friendly when you’re gardening, and can often save you time and money while you’re at it.

For bigger eco projects in your garden you could think about establishing a beehive or wormery, or even a small frog pond. (Frogs make fantastic natural pest exterminators!) But here are some green-fingered greener-planet ideas you can try today…

Chemical pesticides
Instead of spraying everything with chemicals, why not grow other plants which will lure the insect-world’s natural predators to rid you of horrid beasties? Ladybirds will do a great job. Try growing buddleias, scented geraniums or even dandelions to attract them.

Fuel or electricity guzzling mowers
Don’t have such a big lawn! Invest in a hand mower (they’re designed to be far lighter and more efficient these days) and grow smaller patches of pretty green lawn. Clusters of wild flowers are much better for insect life and the worms who live in the soil than mown grass is.

Natural peat areas are threatened by the overuse of peat in gardens. Instead, try planting seeds in a sand and top soil mix, and use compost you have cultivated yourself.  Check out our tips for Making a compost heap.


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Using water
Invest in a water butt to catch rainfall (outdoor plants prefer this to tap water anyway), and when its very dry, channel any water you're adding to plants down to the roots rather than around the surface. You can use a straw to feed it down into the ground.

Instead of using weedkillers on patios try pouring boiling water or salt over the cracks. This helps loosen the weeds so you can pull them out. Don’t chuck them on your compost, though!

Savvy tip
Grow what flourishes naturally in your area. More exotic flowers look great but usually demand more time, plant feed and sometimes even artificial heat. Ask friends and have a peek in some of the lovely parks and gardens near you for ideas.

Pass it on – tips for growing your own veg
Save money and do your bit for the eco cause… Why not check out our Savvy guide to Creating your own veg patch?

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