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Explore a variety of gardening resources to plan an inspired garden.

You know what you like when you decorate your home, but do you have your own style when it comes to planning your garden? Create a garden that’s just as unique as you by finding inspiration to bring the garden of your dreams to life.

Discover What You Like

When planning your garden, you’ll need to figure out what you like, what you can plant and what plants work best together in your space. To get a better understanding of your gardening tastes, explore what inspires you in a variety of ways:

Discover an Assortment of Inspiration

Reference Guides:Becoming familiar with the array of plants that are available is key to understanding the potential of your garden. Find a few good plant dictionaries or encyclopedias to scope out the plants you find most attractive. You can also sign up for gardening catalogues to constantly stay informed about seasonal plants and arrangements.


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Surf the Net: The Internet is full of plenty of free information on the many varieties of plants, and there are lots of websites with pictures and descriptions. You can even order uncommon plants online if you see something you like in a reference guide and can’t find it at local nurseries.

Turn to the Past: Similar to design, plants tend to go in and out of style over time. Try visiting antique shops and vintage bookstores to find old plant guides. It’s a great way to discover forgotten tips and plants you can incorporate to make your garden especially unique.

Explore Your Local Gardening Community

Join a Club: Find others who share your same interests by joining a gardening club or society. Not only will you be able to exchange tips, you can also explore others’ gardens to find ideas you can make your own. You’ll even be able to share plants you can propagate, or split to grow an entirely new plant, to expand your garden without buying a new plant.

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