Gardening projects for kids

Gardening projects for kids

Fun activities and easy gardening schemes you can do with your family.

Projects for younger children

  • Easy grow flowers. Grow marigolds and sunflowers from seeds. They are easy to manage in most soils and provide colourful results to impress your little gardeners.
  • Painting pebbles. Decorate flower beds by lining them with pretty stones. Get your child to paint each pebble with a base colour then talk about ideas for patterns or pictures before letting them loose with child-friendly paints. When these are dry, paint over with varnish (the children can do this if you have child-safe varnish).

Projects for older kids


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  • Create a children’s corner. Let your child have a small section of your garden to build a little rockery (clear away grass, arrange some large rocks and plant small plants, eg primroses or sedum ‘purple emperor’).
  • Potted tomatoes. Fill a pot with fresh compost then sprinkle over a handful of tomato seeds. Add a little more compost then cover with cling film and secure with an elastic band. Leave by a window with light and warmth and keep the seeds watered. When the plants spout, put them into individual pots and keep them watered and fed. By early summer, when they are big enough, transfer to bigger pots in the garden.
  • Make a butterfly meadow. Butterflies like a variety of colours and nectar tastes but plant patches of the same flower rather than just one or two at a time. Try ‘wildflower’ or ‘meadow’ seed packs. Butterflies also like clover, buttercups and dandelions so don’t be afraid to let these flourish. Place large flat rocks around for butterflies to land on and a couple of shallow colourful dishes to catch water.

Savvy tip
Washing hands after doing any garden work is essential.

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