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Get more from your home décor

Think smart and you can make your rooms look even better with these multi-function homely touches that take no extra effort.

Herb centerpiece


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Instead of potted flowers, place growing herbs on a sunny kitchen window or dining table. Billowing basil leaves or pretty purple and white flowering chives look wonderful, they give off a fabulous natural aroma and you can use the herbs in your salads and casseroles.

Also kids love helping out with potting, though they do tend to end up with more earth on themselves than in the pots. But never fear, Ariel 3in1 can lift stains in one easy wash.

Candelit magic

Used safely, candles are a home décor quick-win. Look in secondhand shops for old mirrors that have candleholders built into the frame, or simply position candles in holders in front of a mirror. In the lounge and bathroom these look stunning, add a sense of space and create twice the light a normal candle would.

Family art

Celebrate your kids’ budding talents, fill their rooms with colour and declutter your drawers all in one: get cheap clip frames and mount rainy day arts projects on their bedroom walls. Write the date on each picture in the corner – it’s a lovely reminder of how quickly their ideas and abilities develop.

Drawstring sorters

Keep your hallway tidy, make it easier to find gloves etcetera when you’re going out, and create a homely cottage look. Find or make drawstring bags (easy to sew from rectangular fabric pieces, with ribbon threaded through the top hem, pulled to create a drawstring). Hang these from coat hooks and fill with essentials it’s often hard to find – hairbrushes, gloves, keys etc.

Revive favourite old fabrics

Save money, enjoy once-loved clothes and create one-off designs. Ideas like the drawstring bags or quirky cushions are really easy to make from recycled dress or blouse materials.

SAVVY TIP Refresh your fabrics with Ariel 3in1 Pods. Their unique three-chamber design means each Pod cleans, lifts stains and brightens all in one wash.

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My kids brighten up the bathroom by making Lego pictures and Lego toothbrush holder.it won't break and you can change them when you get bored .kids love showing of what they can do it makes them feel it's their home .

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Ambi Pur 3volution banishes unwanted odours!

Ambi Pur 3volution banishes unwanted odours!


Within minutes Ambi Pur 3volution's scent makes its way round the whole of my house, banishing the doggy pong! I was slightly worried as most air freshners / candles/ oil burners we have tried leave me with a headache , but this is so subtle as well as doing a great job. Even my mum, who always comments about the smell of 'dog' , has said how nice our house is smelling!


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