Give your home the personal touch

Give your home the personal touch

Decorate in simple ways to add a real sense of belonging around your home.

Recent UK-wide research by AmbiPur 3Volution uncovered revealing attitudes to home decorating.

Putting your stamp on your new home
The AmbiPur 3Volution survey showed that for over half of those who responded (54.5%) the priority when moving into a new house or flat is to ‘make it homely and comfortable’, with 32.4% preferring to add personal touches within the first two weeks.
AmbiPur’s research also showed that 75% of those surveyed valued small touches around their home however long they had lived there, rather than taking on larger renovations.

3 easy ways to make your mark:

Choose your favourite colour and mix light and dark shades of this for walls, curtains, cushions and even kitchenware. Bring existing furnishings you already have in that colour together in one room, then as you need to replace other items around the home, stick to your signature colour, contrasting it with simple creams or whites. Check out our savvy tips for Choosing a new colour.

Use clip frames to put as many photos of friends and family on the wall as you want. Cluster together black and white images, a little row of standard snaps, or group beach holiday photos in your bathroom.


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Favourite things
Find unusual spaces to fit little shelves and display souvenirs of past homes and holidays. A shelf above a doorway or small shelves under your main staircase. Celebrate memories – put your child’s first baby shoes in a little box frame; drape your grandmother’s old jewellery prettily on a little stand or over picture frames on your mantelpiece.

For more ideas, check out Home Looks: Creating a warm welcome.

Savvy tip
Scent was one of the most valued personal touches in the survey, with 34% of respondents admitting they notice the scent of their home on a daily basis. Interior designer and craft expert Danielle Proud says: ‘Thanks to AmbiPur’s improved 3Volution format, you can freshen up your home giving you longer lasting noticeable freshness for a whole season. My favourite scent is Vanilla Treat which is a lovely sweet fragrance, perfect for cosy nights at home with the family.’
Check out Danielle’s great tips on How to enjoy decorating your home.

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