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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Garden Party

Get inspired with Supersavvyme. Make the most of the summer and take advantage of warm weather with summer garden party ideas from Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living.

Jen Stanbrook writes the Love Chic Living blog

Well the sun is starting to shine, and you’re looking forward to spending some time with family and friends over the summer months. The days are longer and the weather warmer so it’s the perfect time for entertaining, and for making the most of your outdoor space.

If you have a family event coming up, maybe an anniversary or special birthday, why not think about hosting a summer garden party. Even if you don’t have anything special to celebrate, summer is the ideal time to get outside and make the most of the good weather.

Many of us can get a little stressed or overwhelmed at having to organise an event, so that’s why I’ve pulled together some of my top tips for creating the perfect summer garden party, to help your bash go with a swing, from invites to food and garden party decorations.

Plan in Advance:

Being organised and planning in advance will greatly help to reduce any stresses so choose your date and start inviting people. Either create and print formal invitations or do it informally, but keep a list of who you’ve asked and who has replied. Then you can start the planning. Use tools such as magazines, Pinterest and online blogs like this one to help you choose a theme. Create a moodboard to help you visualise how the party will look, both for decoration and food.

There are some great trends around for the garden that suit all tastes. Pretty pastels are very hot right now, as are flamingos and anything botanical which look great in the garden. Bold colours also add a real pop to your garden decorations so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new.

4 weeks to go:


Ensure you know how many are attending and start planning your food list. Buy up any garden party decorations you need like bunting and lighting and dig out your garden party tableware. Do you have enough? Will you need extra supplies? Decide if you want plastic, porcelain or disposable paper. If you have lots of children coming you might like to arrange some garden games for them. Check out the sales for great bargains on things like giant Jenga and a sandpit for the younger ones.

If you’re having a cake, order it now or at least know what you’re going to buy or make.  If it’s a children’s party you might need party bags so order in the contents in plenty of time. You can find lots more tips in our guide for a kid’s garden party here.

2 weeks to go:



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Now’s the time to get into the detail of the food. Make a comprehensive menu and shopping list. If you shop online, book your slot and start filling your basket. You might want to do 2 shops, one for the groceries in advance, and then another for the fresh ingredients nearer the time.

Also check out the garden. Does it need tidying or weeding? Make sure you’re on top of mowing the lawn and keep everything looking great. Plan where everyone will sit and ensure you have enough chairs, chair cushions and things like garden beanbags for the kids.  

1 week to go:

For a larger party it might be a good idea to make some dishes in advance and freeze them. It will save you lots of time and free you up to mingle with your guests. Start thinking about how the party day will go, and allocate different jobs to family members so you aren’t tied up doing all the work. Have someone making drinks, another person in charge of any entertainment and someone else handing out nibbles to help the guests relax and get into the party mood.

Create a timeline for preparations on the day so you know exactly what you need to be doing and when.

On the Day:

If you’ve followed our guidelines above, the day itself should be a breeze. Don’t worry if things go wrong though, there’s always a way around it, and your guests are here to see you and enjoy themselves. They won’t worry if there’s not enough plates or you’ve forgotten the crisps.

Decorate the space with your garden party decorations, lay out the tables and start preparing the food. Put on some music and try to relax and enjoy yourself.

Ensure you’ve planned in some time for everyone to get ready, and make sure someone knows to get you a party drink too!

The main thing is to enjoy the gathering; creating a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere means your guests will be happy and go away remembering your garden party for many months, if not years to come.  

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lovely ideas jen i think being relaxed in KEY

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Great tips here - I like the countdown format so you can really stay organised!

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