update your kitchen

How to... update your kitchen

Follow our handy kitchen design ideas, hints and tips to brighten up your room and create an updated modern kitchen.

Your kitchen should be a place to have fun with the family as well as cook those all-important family meals. Give your kitchen a whole new look with our kitchen design ideas below, then sit back, and enjoy your new look space with the family.

Refresh Your Kitchen Floor
Replacing kitchen tiles can be expensive and time-consuming, why not paint over yours to update the room and create a more modern kitchen with our flooring tips below.

  • Select a good adhesive latex primer and apply entirely over the clean surface (including the grout)
  • Let dry overnight, and then paint normally with a high-end semi- gloss floor paint
  • Create a design with stencils, stamps, sponges, or if your hand is steady, a good brush. If you're experienced, try a faux marble or stone look!
  • Seal with several thin coats of a polyurethane or acrylic sealer and let dry accordingly (not recommended for very high-traffic areas or very wet areas such as showers)

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The Tired Kitchen
A kitchen gets so much use; it's easy for even the most coordinated room to lose its lustre. Take a step back and pretend you're walking into someone else's kitchen. What do you like? What would you change?

  • Your kitchen cupboards might look quite different with a modest investment in new handles.
  • How about replacing the old wallpaper in the backsplash area with tile?
  • Are your light fixtures from another decade? Examine your window treatments. Opt for something lighter and brighter.
  • Between cabinets and appliances, kitchens have very hard visual lines. More fabric around the windows and coordinated chair pads may be just the thing to warm up and soften the kitchen. 

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