Plant an indoor herb garden this winter

Use our easy tips for growing herbs that will thrive on your window sill when chilly weather arrives. Keep your garden alive this winter!

Getting started

  • There’s no digging in the dirt, just careful tending to the little containers so they stay warm and get the appropriate sunlight.
  • The conditions for growing a herb garden indoors  require well-drained soil in small pots suited to the size of windowsills.
  • Rest the planters in saucers and give them adequate space and air.

TIP Some plants may be started in your outdoor garden and can be returned when spring arrives.

Eight herbs to plant indoors

These are good, easy choices for indoor winter plants. Most grow best in a south-facing window but some do better elsewhere – see below.

Rosemary – start with a cutting and wait for roots to sprout. This is a great herb for meats, like lamb.

Oregano – an excellent herb for Italian foods, it is best started from a cutting or a seedling. Let it dry before adding it to dishes.


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Parsley – loves the sun. Start from seeds or bring it in from the garden. It works well in many recipes and is nutrient-rich in vitamins, calcium and iron.

Thyme – a versatile herb for poultry or fish. Start from the outdoor garden or root a tip. It will also grow in an east- or west-facing window.

Chives – cut off tips to sprinkle in soups and for a delicate onion taste. Pot a clump from an outdoor garden. Keep in a cool place for a few days after transplanting and then in full sun.

Mint– a delicious addition for drinks, tea and salads, adding a breath of summer air to water. An east-facing window is best for morning sun and then partial shade.

Bay – a perennial that grows well in a container all year. A flavour-packed herb for soups, it grows best in an east- or west-facing window.

Basil – start from seed. It loves lots of sun and warmth, so probably won’t last the full winter. This tasty herb is perfect for pasta sauces and salads.

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