Interior design ideas for summer

Interior design ideas for summer

Create a summertime mood with these simple and effective home decorating ideas.

1. Get out the white paint
Bicycles, toys, shopping bags all bash your skirting boards about. Smarten door frames, skirting boards and other woodwork without the hassle of painting whole rooms. It’s amazing how easily the simplest of interior design ideas will brighten and smarten your home.

SAVVY TIP Repaint or simply wash winter’s rainy grime off your front door too.

2. Welcome fresh air in
Add a magical touch on warmer days when the windows can be flung open. Hang chimes over patio doors and windows to make music of the summer breeze.

SAVVY TIP Add light by taking away net curtains from windows and maintaining privacy with a few well-positioned plants.

3. Choose light fabrics
Your dark coloured sofa might be cosy in winter, but in summer switch to a more summery interior design feel by adding a throw or changing cushion covers. This goes for duvet covers and tablecloths too. Choose cotton, linen and seersucker.


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SAVVY TIP You don’t have to overhaul your colour scheme, just use paler shades of existing wall and carpet tones.

4. Step into the garden
In winter, patio doors get blocked off with furniture and piles of bags and shoes. For summer, keep access to your garden tidy at all times, and put toys and garden furniture within view of your windows as a reminder that your garden is another ‘room’ you can enjoy all summer long. Consider transforming your garden design to fit with the changing seasons.

SAVVY TIP Position a garden umbrella over garden tables or chairs so rain can’t spoil plans for a coffee or relaxing with newspapers outside.

5. Bring the garden inside
It’s not just house plants that can add a pretty, natural presence indoors. Cuttings from bushes or even trees can be arranged in glass jars, without water.

SAVVY TIP Grow your own miniature vegetables (the kind you can grow on windowsills, but put more prominently on show) – at home. Chillies or baby peppers are easy and effective.

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Or consider transforming your garden design to fit with the changing seasons.

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