Make art for your garden

Make art for your garden

Garden decorations can be expensive so try these simple yet beautiful ideas as a fun garden art activity for the family. Simple, cheap yet stunning ideas for outdoor decorations you and your children can create at home.

Dream catchers

  • Find unwanted old CD disks – old computer software discs, or charity shop CDs.
  • Hang strips of old necklace or laced beads and shells from it, either by threading through drilled holes or using strong glue.

Painted pots

  • Wash a terracotta pot and dry thoroughly.
  • Use a pencil to outline your picture or pattern first, or paint a base colour all over the outside then add a simple motif over the top.
  • Use acrylic paints.
  • Paint about one inch down into the inside of the pot but leave the rest unpainted so that it is porous for the soil.

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  • Smooth off an old metal watering can, or sand down a wood mirror frame or a sturdy old pot as your base object.
  • To break up any pieces of old tile or pretty crockery you want to use, put goggles on and cover these with a towel before hammering into smaller pieces.
  • Use a mix of thinset mortar and acrylic admix (you’ll find these in homeware stores) to secure the pieces into a pattern on your base object.
  • Leave for 48 hours to dry then use a sanded grout to smooth over the surface, applying carefully over rough ceramic edges. Clean off the excess with a damp cloth.
  • Dry for another two days then seal the whole finish with tile sealer (available from hardware stores).

Savvy tip
You’ll get better, so don’t use up your best pots on your first go!

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