Max impact decorating: 3 bright ideas

Max impact decorating: 3 bright ideas

Make a real difference with just a few changes, when you don’t have time for a major home makeover.

Give your home a lift with just one stunning change to a favourite room.

Colour switch
You might have chosen a wallpaper or paint for your walls to go with your carpets and furniture, but you don’t have to stick with it for years on end. Consider a quick, impactful change by painting walls a lighter or darker hue of the same colour or going for a colour that complements the look, then contrast it with a new shade on the ceiling rather than sticking with predictable white. See our SuperSavvy article on Trying a new colour.

Window wonders
Consign your old curtains to the material scraps basket and choose something different – swap blinds for a soft fabric curtain or try the modern look by switching the other way and going for wooden blinds. If you have nets over sash windows, position a new set from the lower panes rather than hanging nets at full-length. That way, you’ll still get the privacy you want but this will let in much more light.

Changing frames
Rearrange any pictures on your walls, and add a couple of new ones. You don’t have to splash out on expensive artwork – create a strong effect by getting three favourite holiday photos slightly enlarged from their 6x4 size, then framing them in three matching wooden frames positioned alongside each other. 


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Savvy tip
Measure the width of your window. If choosing a thicker or lined curtain, buy ones which are twice this width in order to ensure they hang well. If the material is thin, they will drape nicely if you go for up to two and a half times the width measurement.

Pass it on – control your clutter
Check out our tips on savvy storage ideas for your lounge, bedroom, and books, DVDs and toys.

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