New garden décor

New garden décor

Fresh ideas to give your outdoor spaces a great new look.

Paint your pots
For a classy effect, instead of painting terracotta pots with bold patterns, pick one colour you love and either paint all your pots and window boxes this colour, or decorate them in shades of that one colour, then cluster groups of painted pots together to max their visual effect. Make sure you use an outdoor paint suitable for the material your pots are made of, to ensure they don’t peel too quickly.

Unusual flowerbeds
You might have seen people use old tin baths or deep white Belfast sinks to plant herb gardens or rows of pretty flowers, but a softer look which is just as charming and rustic can be achieved with old wooden drawers – painted with protective coatings but designed to ‘weather’ in the sun and the rain.

Picket charm
A stretch of white picket fence adds an instant retro chic to any part of your garden – even if it’s just two short stretches of picket with a gap in the middle – partitioning off your patio from where your lawn begins to create two ‘rooms’.


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Resurrect old garden furniture
If you have an old chair or garden table that has really gone beyond its best, nestle it in among your flowerbeds and bushes, to create different levels on which you can perch plant pots. These can be especially effectively for plants that grow elegantly downwards. Try petunias and trailing varieties of begonia.

Savvy tip
Keep your planting simple. Once you’ve made your garden pretty, don’t fret too much over delicate blooms. Check out our No care, grow anywhere plants.

Pass it on – Expert tips on starting a new garden
See landscape gardener Will Nash’s 10 tips for creating a new outdoor space for your home.

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