One room, two uses

One room, two uses

Make the most of your home by rethinking how you use your space.

Your needs change as your family grows, but with imagination you can create a new home without the expense of moving.

Build a computer desk with low-level shelves set into a corner, not jutting into the room. A decent computer chair looks very functional so add a pretty cover to the seat back. Paint that corner of the room a different colour – a contrasting shade of the lounge’s main colour – to create a feeling of new space, and on shelves higher above the desk, add photos or plants to soften the ‘officey’ appearance.

Free up kitchen space by moving your washing machine to the bathroom. Swap plastic laundry baskets for wicker for a more cosy look and keep detergent bottles out of sight. If you need indoor drying space avoid clutter by hanging up a retro-style ceiling clothes airer.

Bedroom-Dressing room
If you have space, hang a curtain rail and a pretty organza or light linen drape across one end of your bedroom. Behind this install a dressing table and small clothes rail or even a showroom dummy to put out that day’s clothes or to get little sewing jobs done. Complete this girly retreat with a couple of pictures on the wall to suit your personal style.


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Living room-Bedroom
Along with a good sofa bed, buy a footstool in which bedding can be stored easily rather than left piled up. Make clothes storage discreet to match the rest of the lounge and position this away from the room’s focal points (TV, fireplace etc). Choose sofa-side lighting that suits telly-watching and bedtime reading.

Savvy tip
If you need to use a sofa bed all the time, opt for a model that opens with a two-fold slatted mechanism where a deeper mattress (memory foam or sprung mattress) can be stored. Also, choose a model where the mattress only folds once inside the sofa as this will prolong its life.

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