Plan Your DIY Projects

Craft a simple bulletin board calendar to keep your DIY schedule within a quick glance.

Dates, to-do lists and deadlines can sometimes seem overwhelming. With this easy-to-make bulletin board calendar, you'll have an overall view of your schedule and can organise your home improvement more easily.

DIY Bulletin Board Calendar
Decide where you want to hang your bulletin board calendar — home office, playroom, kitchen, by a door — then measure the area and write down dimensions for the exact amount of space you would like to fill.

DIY Tools and Materials
Rolled cork 
Particle board
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Staple gun
Picture hanging hook
Cardstock or scrapbook paper


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Tip: The size and amount of cork, particle board and fabric depends on the size of your desired board. Take measurements with you to your local crafts or hardware store.


  • Attach the rolled cork to the front of the particle board with your hot glue gun.
  • Measure a piece of fabric large enough to cover the entire board, and add an extra 4 inches to each side to make the fabric big enough to fold around the edges.
  • Cover the board with the fabric and attach it to the back with a staple gun, pulling the fabric taut as you staple.
  • Measure and cut five pieces of ribbon for width of the board and six pieces for its length.
  • Each of the ribbon sections should create equal boxes to represent a calendar.
  • Glue the ribbon lengths to the fabric to create 35 uniform squares - seven across and five down.

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