how to rejuvenate old garden chairs

Garden project: revamp old furniture

Try these easy tips to revive tables and chairs ready for the barbecue season and sunny days outside. These small decorating projects will keep your home looking fresh and modern.

Wooden garden furniture looks great when you buy it, but even if it’s been covered or hidden in the shed during the winter months, it can begin to sprout mossy spots and start looking a bit grey. Happily, with just a little elbow grease, you can give it a new lease of life.

You will need

Water-based paint
Masking tape
A good cleaning spray like Flash
A washing up sponge
A dry cleaning cloth


1. To get started, clean the furniture with Flash and a sponge. For really tough stains, use a scourer.

2. Let the washed-down furniture dry, then rub it down with sandpaper to make sure the wood is nice and smooth.


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3. Use the masking tape to cover up any parts of the furniture that you don’t want to get splashed with paint.

4. Finally, paint the wooden seat planks with different colours using a large paintbrush. Leave the paint to dry and then remove the masking tape.

5. If you want to add a protective layer over the top, add a yacht varnish coating.

Revamp your garden, too

Now the furniture is looking good, you’ll want lovely views to enjoy while sitting on it! Why not try our No-cost garden makeover ideas?

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Lovely! So vibrant. Another great idea is to use wallpaper cut to size and glue onto slats ......then clear varnish it all :-)

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To make an easy clean to your garden tar and chairs use flash liquid gel it fantastic cleaning power even removes that stubborn rust of the glass ;)

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I love to clean the garden and fence. I cut the lawn this weekend. My garden looks neat and tidy.

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Clean tops of kitchen cuboards with flash lemon liquid it cuts through grease and leaves lovely fresh smell. Afterwards place some grease proof paper to cover the surface totally . Makes cleaning the tops of your cuboards quick and easy just replace the paper and give a quick wipe !

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