Savvy mums’ tips: handy household ideas

Savvy mums’ tips: handy household ideas

Useful suggestions from other mums in the supersavvyme community

Try these three money-saving suggestions for solving everyday niggles in the home:

Sharon says:
‘Wrap a used paint brush in cling film, it stops the bristles from going stiff and can be used again.’

Hayley says:
‘I had some sellotape residue stuck on my window frames from the banners after my little boy’s birthday. I couldn’t shift it so my friend suggested butter and wahey butter removes sticky stuff!’

Editor’s tips:
• If you’re worried about zips and hooks catching on fabrics in the wash, separate these items off in a light cotton pillowcase so you can still put them all through the same laundry cycle.
• Keep nice smelling soaps in your drawer for a few months before using – they scent your clothes and tend to get harder, which will make them last longer when you come to wash with them.

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My daughter sprayed an oil based perfume and it made the laminate floor very very slippery. I tried everything to get it off making the floor even more slippery. As a last resort after having tried everything in my cupboard I used a spray window cleaner on it. Hey presto it was brilliant ...slipperiness gone in a flash. It's not just for windows.

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