Simple interior design ideas for the summer

Simple interior design ideas for the summer

Want to get that summer feeling into your home? Give this a try…

Wouldn’t it be great to change your house with the seasons? Whilst redecorating each summer or winter might be a little impractical, there’s no reason that you can’t make a few simple changes to give your interior design a rejuvenated look and feel.

The big question: where to start? Try these easy home ideas.

Soft furnishings
In the summer, light weight pale colours can really help lift a room and reflect the summer sun to keep your living spaces airy and cool. Although changing your furniture is a bit extreme, trying a few minor changes to your home furnishings such as a separate set of cushions or cutting back on the number of blankets, throws or rugs in a room is a good place to start.

Clean and clutter free
If, like us, you tend to hoard things in the winter months; then take some time to declutter and store a box of nick-nacks away in the loft. Get some wild flowers or perhaps something bright and exotic to brighten up your home and make it smell great too. Then give all the surfaces and floors a good clean using Flash with Febreze. You’ll be amazed how much fresher the house will look and feel afterwards – especially if you try the Blossoms & Breeze scents!


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Sunshine through the windows
Open up some windows and let the scents and sounds of summer move through your home. Wipe down your windows inside with Flash all-purpose wipes and why not get a window cleaner over to clean the outside ones and get them really shining in the sunlight.

Give these steps a try and see if you can inject a bit of summer into your home decor. Even if it’s looking like a typical British summer on the weather front, at least your home will be fresh, clean and bright.

And don’t forget to put your feet up and enjoy the results of your hard work!

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