Smarten up your garden for summer

Smarten up your garden for the summer

Smarten up your garden this summer; breathe new life into old garden furniture and inject a splash of colour with beautiful summer flowers.

If you haven’t gotten around to getting your garden in ship shape condition yet, now’s the perfect time to get back on track. With a little spit and polish you can have your garden furniture looking like new and the flower beds bursting with colour in no time at all.

Start with your paving. Pressure wash your patio for a ‘like new’ eating area. You’ll be surprised by how dirty it gets each year and how clean it looks afterwards.

Garden furniture that’s been left out all winter long will need a good clean. Remove that light layer of dust and cobwebs using a soft brush and sponge with a bucket of warm water and some Flash. For more stubborn stains give your plastic tables and chairs a good spray of Flash with bleach – just make sure you check any cleaning instructions which come with your furniture.

If there’s any old furniture you were planning to throw out why not give it a lick of paint. One last use all summer long and you may fall in love with it all over again!

Create an outdoor glow with clever garden lights. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a few large jam jars with candles inside is all it will take to create a lovely atmosphere in the evening and make you want to stay out late, enjoying your garden night after night! Solar powered lights are also a good option and don’t cost much.

If you want your terracotta plant pots to look more aged and worn apply a rough coat of paint with a sponge. You can use white but a cream or soft pink will look even better. You can sand a little paint off once it’s dried. The pot will look pretty good this year but once left out this winter next year they’ll look like antiques!


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If your garden is in need of an injection of colour add these summer flowers to your pots and borders. They all bloom in August when other plants are starting to flag.

  • Veronicastrum which will attract butterflies
  •  Echinacea which has a tall long lasting bright pink flower
  • Perovskia 'Blue Spire' which smells of sage and looks great when cut for a floral display indoors
  • Clematis – late bloom varieties like Clematis Rebecca, Clematis aromatica and Clematis Happy Birthday, perfect climbers for wall coverage with big saucer like blooms
  •  Rudbeckia for their sunshine yellow summer flowers
  •  Sedum Spectabile with its lush green leaves and pretty late flowering pink or white blooms.

Water butts are great for collecting natural rain water and are especially handy during a drought. Install one to make sure your plants have enough water all summer long.  

It’s also a great time to plan your autumn leaves. Chard, chervil, cabbage, lettuce and spinach will all crop in time for you to enjoy this year.

Once you’ve smartened up your garden why not sit back, relax and enjoy your outdoor space with one of my summer smoothies.

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Looking forward tomfinding something newc

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I've put some pretty solar lights in my garden,also in some pots too.They look really pretty.I also have a lovely summerhouse which I've kept its natural colour with clear varnish once a year.Also I have NO grass at all - which means not having to worry about mowing it - just slabs with pots on and a couple of bedded areas.

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I agree with choccieluvva l had astro turf laid last year and although it can be expensive once laid no mowing just a quick sweep with a brush and it looks great all year round

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I would like to add to this article that your garden can look fabulous and clean all year round if you get artificial grass. I did last year and its the best thing I ever did. My garden looks its best at all times and the dogs love it too as they can play all year round and not get dirty!!!

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