Spring flowers for your garden

Spring flowers are the perfect way to start enjoying your home from the outside too.

Spending time in your garden in spring makes the most of the growing season and gives you a great excuse to stretch out those limbs whilst creating a garden to enjoy with friends and family in the months ahead.

Spring plants: peas
Give yourselves something sweet to pick and snack on. Once the soil is warm enough and not too wet you can plant rows of peas – they’ll be ready to eat around 11-13 weeks later. Use trellis or canes once the plants start to grow so they have something to climb, and water the plants for around two weeks once flowers appear. Gardening tips for beginners: Try ‘Feltham First’ peas or a variety of mangetout for easy first attempts.

Sow hardy annuals
Some of the easiest plants to grow are hardy annuals, which often look great, last long, and can be planted now. For a pretty meadow effect try spring flowering plants like Blue Bedder (‘echium vulgare’) which produces pink buds but then blooms purple, attracting bees and flowering throughout the summer. Or Ladybirds (‘papaver commutatum’) which look like sophisticated poppies and will keep flowering if you dead-head them regularly.


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Sort your borders
The easiest way to get some colour into your spring garden is to buy bedding plants in pots or trays. Choose fuschias or geraniums, and when you get them home, sit them in a cool indoor space for a couple of weeks before planting out (take care of the roots when you do this).

Savvy tip
Spring is the time to plant new roses. Check out our Top tips for great roses.

Pass it on – Inspiring gardening ideas
If you fancy a change but your budget is limited, check out these Savvy ideas for a No-cost garden makeover.

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Gardening is always relaxing. I always find time to take care of my little peaceful garden.

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