Spring garden planner

Spring garden planner

Make the most of time in the garden to get pretty summer blooms.

After simply keeping an eye out for frosty nights and clearing away dead leaves through the winter, spring is a busy time for gardeners. Even if you are not a keen or experienced gardener, planting just one or two things will give you a great sense of pleasure when the weather warms up and you can sit outside.

First tasks

  • Tidy away sticks and clear up your borders.
  • Prune rose bushes.
  • Clear away weeds.
  • Improve your borders by covering with compost to help suppress weed growth and help the soil recover for the new year.
  • If you have a pond, make sure you have cleaned it up before frog-spawn hatches.

Later tasks

  • Prune back hedges and fruit trees.
  • Plant hardy annuals in your borders.
  • If you have half-hardy annuals you can plant these indoors on a windowsill or in a heated greenhouse.
  • Tidy up any herbaceous perennials you already have in your borders. Eg hostas. Divide these up if they have grown large enough to do so.
  • Plant shrubs and any trees you have planned for your garden.
  • Plant perennials.

When mornings are no longer frosty


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  • Plant roses and half-hardy annuals.
  • Once it’s warmer, plant hardy annuals like dahlias and more tender shrubs.
  • By April you can plant things like strawberries.

Maintaining the garden

  • By mid-spring you can start mowing your lawn if the weather isn’t too wet, and begin to feed it.
  • Keep the lawn and beds weeded.
  • Use a good fertilizer to feed the beds, trees, shrubs and roses.
  • By late spring, water for longer a few days a week rather than offering a light daily sprinkle – if you live in an area which allows you to use your hosepipes.

Savvy tip
If you don’t get organized in early spring, don’t worry – May is a golden time for planting and you’ll still get great results in the coming months.

Pass it on what you can plant in spring.
Check these ideas for lovely plants you can dig in once the frosts have passed.

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