Summer party ideas for entertaining

Summer party ideas for entertaining

...Homesavvy gives you a helping hand with your summer soiree.

As the nights get longer and the weather hopefully gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to entertain family and friends at home.

Whether it’s an informal barbeque or a full on summer party, everyone’s sure to have a great time. No doubt you’ll already know the type of event that goes down best with your nearest and dearest but here are a few things to consider:

Team work
Some of the best summer gatherings are spontaneous and spur of the moment. That does mean it can be a little difficult to plan ahead and have all the party essentials available. But just because you’re hosting the party, doesn’t mean you need to stress yourself out with supplying everything – after all, you’re providing the venue for the soiree!

Split the party responsibilities with your family, with someone looking after drinks for your guests whilst the other person takes on the food preparation. 


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Or why not ask each person to bring a signature dish with them, that way the food is taken care of and you can focus on entertaining your guests.

Keeping guests comfortable
Entertaining your guests and keeping your guests fed and watered is of course crucial to ensuring a good night is had by all. But sometimes, sitting outside enjoying good conversation, is the perfect way to spend a summers evening. To make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the relaxed party atmosphere, get some fleecy blankets that you can throw over the back of each chair, for people to use if they get a little chilly.

Create an ambience
Although there aren’t many evenings in a year when we get to sit out, it’s still nice to create a welcoming ambience for your summer gatherings - and it doesn’t need to mean spending a great deal of money. Experiment with outdoor lighting- try tea lights in pretty holders or a few strings of outdoor fairy lights with a perfectly picked playlist and you’re sure to be on to a winning combination

And if you do eventually move inside, keep that summer spirit alive with some exotic scents through the house. Ambi Pur with Febreze air freshener plugins are perfect for entertaining in the summer. Try Thai Orchid for a sweet floral scent or, if you’ve been cooking, perhaps Himalayan Heights to help create a clean, fresh scent.

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