Summer garden colour

Summer garden colour

Choosing the right plants for dazzling effect.

If your borders look too green, here are five flowering wonders to show your outdoor space off at its best.

Black-eyed Susan
Flowering from July to September, this plant will offer a gorgeous blanket of bright yellow, with its distinctive dark ‘eye’ at the centre. It likes moist to dry soil, and full sun.

These delicate, colourful flowers come in beautiful little clusters of white, pinks, reds and shades in between. Expect them to flower from May until the weather starts to cool again.
African lily
Also known as Agapanthus, these beautiful clusters of little trumpet-shaped flowers have a wonderful elegance you can enjoy close up as you sit in your garden. They are usually bluebell coloured, but there are also pink and white flowering varieties. They are in bloom from mid-summer to early autumn.

The African marigold flowers in fiery orange, yellow or red and has a pretty, ruffled petal. Fast growing and bushy, it can be a great border plant.


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Go for climber varieties of honeysuckle and you’ll have a variety of flowering colours to choose from – whites, reds and yellows. The bi-colour ‘serotina’ variety will flower into early autumn.

Savvy tip
If you haven’t got time to plant up your garden now, buy a few colourful plants in pots and transfer them in batches to bigger ceramic pots around your garden and patio for immediate impact.

Pass it on – decorate your garden
Check out our SuperSavvy tips for adding garden décor touches to your outside spaces.

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